Tuesday, May 8, 2012

LaCrosse Half Marathon

 The forecast called for thunderstorms and rain. I woke up at 3am and checked the weather. Great! No rain! Up at 4 to eat some breakfast. Still no rain! Looking good! Half way through breakfast and hmmm was that thunder? Yup! And here comes the rain. Checked the race website and the marathon has been cancelled and the half has been delayed. Drove to the race and waited for the official call. Now it's dumping and really thundering. Looks like no race today. Start to head home. Wait, what's this? A little clearing to the west? The race is on!
It was still raining pretty good at the start. I was soaked before even taking a step. It rained for the first mile or two and it was pretty cold, 54 with a good breeze from the south east. I ran the first three miles sub 9 and then backed it down a little. I know there are hills from mile 7 to 10 and I wanted something left for those. Picture above is taken at about mile 7 and I'm feeling good. Bring on those hills! I passed a lot of people in the next three miles and was able to hold my pace of 9:15. Mile 10 at 1:33:50 and a 5k to go. The hills had taken a little zip from my legs. I was still able to pass a lot of people in the last three miles and finished pretty strong at 2:01:57. Not under two hours but still a PR for both the distance and this race for me. Three years ago I ran this race at 2:12. So all in all it was an okay day despite the weather and delays.

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