Thursday, October 6, 2016

Three Things Thursday

 1. Ironman Kona is this Saturday! It has always been my dream to do this race. If I can't do it I would just like to attend some day! The granddaddy of endurance events!
 2. My coach (Niece) is on her way to do Ironman Louisville on Sunday! She is a three time cancer survivor and six time Ironman finisher. She was scheduled to do Ironman Boulder in July but had to have an emergency hysterectomy the end of June. She was able to switch her race to Louisville. She is such an inspiration! Go Danni! Go!
3. We had our first group ride from work on Tuesday! What a blast! It is now becoming a weekly group and we are hoping to add to the group. More the merrier, right? I'm the one in Spandex, of course!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

It's Three Things Thursday!!

 1. Swam for the first time in forever on Saturday. My form resembled this dog. On a bright note I'm doing much better after only three times in the pool. Just like an old dog, right?
 2. I'm going to sign up for Iroman 70.3 Madison as soon as it opens. Will be a great tune up for my full in September. Did I mention I'm still freaking out about all of this? I am!
3. Went to the Ryder cup practice round in Minneapolis on Tuesday and ran in to this guy! Bill Freaking Murray! And some guy named Phelps was also there.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Words of Wisdon for the Week:

I suffer from an anxiety disorder and have found great comfort in staying in the same place. I find great comfort for a while and then I want to jump in to something exciting. And then when I do.....comes the anxiety and I want to stay in that same comfortable place. The rock and the hard place, right? So I have taken that GIANT leap and signed up for Ironman Wisconsin 2017. Wish me luck as I know I will be battling the demons. This will be not only a huge physical test but a gigantic mental test. And........ Here we go........Sploosh!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Three Things......

 1. Since signing up for Ironman 2017 I have been freaking out and would probably drop out now if nobody knew I had signed up. Such a huge commitment and it freaks me out. Not sure if I can do it. I made a deal with myself before I signed up that I could drop out if it becomes overwhelming. I don't want to be a quitter but I'm someone who believes in keeping there life and priorities in order. I really want to do this. But did I mention that I'm freaking out? I'M FREAKING OUT!!! 
2. This Saturday it's back in the pool for the Spandex-King. I really like swimming and am excited about it. And as a bonus it's okay to wear spandex! Not the little speedo spandex but spandex trunks. Unless I was ripped! Then I would totally rock the micro speedo's. :-)

3. Chequamegon has come and gone. I'm sad about that. I love the Chequamegon. This year I had a great race. I trained harder and it payed off. Imagine that, lol

It is with a heavy heart that I do this race every year. It was an event that I did with my brother in law. He passed away six years ago in a freak boat accident at the age of 35. Every year I wear my "Riding for Jason" jersey that we had made when he passed. Somebody asked me about this at the start and out of know where I was totally overcome with emotion and teared up. I guess you never get over things like that. I will do this race every year that I am able in his honor. I miss him so much.